R-04 in a radio show run by Mike Watt

A radio show run by the legendary basist Mike Watt is featuring R-04 as an on-air guest in its 2016 March 11th version. I talked about my musical back ground and some stories about my tunes, including remixes of ‘Research’ by my spaghetti friend Romualdo and ‘Dreamland’ by DjayPee a. k. a. JP Lantieri.

The Watt from Pedro Show (Mar 11, 2016)

Also one-week-ago version of the show plays Schnack’s Remix of my track ‘R. M. K. feat. Annabel.’ Schnack is a legendary composer of video game music and used to be a member of ZUNTATA. I have been a big fan of him for long.

The Watt from Pedro Show (Mar 2, 2016)

Check them out and thanks so much for your patience to my broken English!